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BPH Symptom Score Questionnaire

The following questionnaire developed by the American Urological Association (AUA) is intended to classify the severity of your enlarged prostate symptoms. Select the appropriate responses for ALL questions (from 0 to 5) that best describe your BPH symptoms. Your TOTAL score will be calculated automatically, followed by additional information on what it all means!

How severe is my enlarged prostate?
In the past month
Not at all
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Understanding your enlarged prostate (BPH) symptom score

Your total symptom score can range from 0 to 35 and usually equates to:

Mild BPH: less than or equal to 7 
Moderate BPH: 8 to 19 
Severe BPH: 20-35

Verum is best for relief of mild to moderate BPH symptoms. Learn more now.

This score is simply a guide for determining the severity of your symptoms and is only one step in diagnosing enlarged prostate. Regardless of your score, if you are experiencing symptoms, you may wish to consult with a physician to confirm a BPH diagnosis and discuss your symptoms further.