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Medical-grade supplement for proven relief of mild to moderate symptomatic BPH

-  Reduces nocturia for better sleep1

-  Less frequent urination throughout the day1

-  Improved urine flow for more complete bladder emptying1

Avoid many of the side effects common with pharmaceuticals²

-  Fewer sexual dysfunction issues (i.e. retrograde ejaculation; poor libido) when compared to tamsulosin/finasteride²

-  None of the dizziness or nasal congestion common with alpha blockers³

-  Does not alter PSA levels like some prescription medications4

      Formulation used by more men worldwide than pharmaceuticals*

      -  Standardized saw palmetto extract contains the highest levels of fatty acids (85-95%) necessary to relax the prostate muscles and open the urethra. Research shows that a quality urine stream is due entirely to the fatty acid content.5

      -  Bioactivity is comparable to that of pharmaceuticals6

      -  Backed by an international health claim



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